How to update your Desktop Teller browser settings

March 14, 2022
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Microsoft recently announced that it will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer as a web browser. What does this mean for you as a Desktop Teller user? Simple: You just need to do a quick update to your other web browsers by June 2022 by using our easy-to-follow instructions.

The three browsers that are still compatible are Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Follow these instructions to install the Ranger Remote Driver on any of those browsers mentioned above, and you’ll be good to go.

Installing the Ranger Remote Driver

  1. Open one of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  2. Visit our Desktop Teller Page.
  3. Select the Ranger Remote Driver box.
    A sccreenshot of the Desktop Teller page on
  4. Save the download to your desktop.
  5. Launch the Fiserv_SHIP_Ranger_Remote download.
    The Fiserv desktop icon
  6. Select Install when the Installation Wizard appears.
    A screenshot of a Fiserv Installation pop-up box
  7. Select Exit once the download has completed.
    A screenshot of a Fiserv Installation pop-up box
  8. Close any internet browsers that might be open.
  9. Restarting your computer is recommended, but not required.

Good work! You’re done, and ready to enjoy Desktop Teller on the browser of your choice.


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