QuickQual: Your upper hand in home buying

October 19, 2022

In a competitive real estate market, the timing of your offer as a buyer can make a huge difference — especially in a seller’s market. If you find the house you love, getting a strong offer in quickly can mean the difference between moving in or staying put.

UBT has a new tool that gives buyers — and their realtors — the upper hand as they’re house shopping. Our QuickQual system allows you to take complete control over your prequalification documents and edit them according to what you need to submit an irresistible offer quickly and (hopefully!) get it accepted by a seller.

How does the QuickQual system work?

After you meet with your mortgage loan officer and get prequalified, your loan officer will put the power at your fingertips. They’ll text you a link to an interactive tool that you and your real estate agent can use to update your purchase price and down payment instantly. You can generate a brand new prequalification letter in seconds!

QuickQual doubles as a handy mortgage calculator and a new letter generator. As you’re hunting for houses, you can input different criteria — for instance, property taxes, sales price, and applicable HOA fees. As you're updating criteria within QuickQual, you’ll be able to see real-time monthly payment and closing cost scenarios based on any of the houses you’re viewing (or thinking about viewing).

Did your dream home just come on the market? You can feel confident using QuickQual — no more second-guessing what you can afford or worrying about whether you have correct numbers entered into other payment calculators.

With your permission, we can send a QuickQual link to your realtor. Agents have their own portal so they can understand your buying power, and help you navigate the impact of high-pressure decisions such as increasing your purchase price in an offer. In a competitive market with multiple offers and counteroffers, your agent can make purchase price adjustments and regenerate a new prequalification letter for you — and all within the price and payment parameters that your UBT mortgage loan officer set with you.

Imagine the power this gives you in a multiple-offer scenario. If you’re interested in seeing how QuickQual can revolutionize your home-buying experience, reach out to a member of our mortgage team today.

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