The Great Resignation: How to Get Noticed in a Workforce Mass-Movement

S.2 Ep.3
August 30, 2021

We’re in the middle of “The Great Resignation” — a time when people are leaving their jobs for something new. That means that right now, there are a lot of opportunities if you’re looking to make the move. But how do you make yourself stand out in a market where so many people are going after new jobs? In this episode of MoneyBetter, host Caitlin Moore talks with UBT’s own hiring leaders, Anita Schinstock and Christie Wilcox, about best practices for applying for a new job, interviewing, and getting an offer. Then, we talk with Chad Theis, President of Zelle Human Resources, about your online presence as you seek new employment opportunities and what to do if a recruiter reaches out to you. 

Show Notes:

4:15 — While you can control what you have to offer, what you can’t control as a candidate is the candidate pool and what you’re up against.

5:48 — It comes down to the basics; making sure your application is completed accurately. One of our biggest pet peeves... make sure you have perfect spelling and grammar. Have someone else review it. Take the opportunity to customize your resume, your cover letter, to the organization, to the position. 

6:31 — A cover letter goes a long way.
7:49 — So be unique in your format but make sure that it works. 

10:43 — I always go out and look at both your Facebook profile and your LinkedIn, so that’s something to be aware of, and I think a lot of employers are doing that. So make sure if you’re applying for a job, you’ve looked at those two especially... and make sure they’re appropriate for the job you’re applying for.

13:50 — If there’s an organization that you’re very much interested in and perhaps there are no postings at the time, it wouldn’t hurt if you know someone to reach out proactively to get your name out there... it does occasionally result in employment at the end of it... but maybe not right away. 

25:45 — Don’t throw your current employer or your former employer under the bus. 

38:09 — People ask us all the time, on LinkedIn, when someone sends an invitation to connect, should I accept it or not? I accept every single invitation that I get.

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