Hindsight is 2020: What we learned from the pandemic

July 23, 2021

Episode Summary

We learned so much from 2020. For many of us, our finances were put under a microscope, and whether we liked it or not, we suddenly were faced with where we stood financially. In hindsight, the importance of having an emergency savings fund became obvious. We should be prepared for emergencies in the event we’re impacted by a change in health, loss of income, or experience other significant life changes. In this episode of MoneyBetter, host Caitlin Moore talks with Bill Radtke of Good Life Community Development about the impact of the pandemic on Lincoln, what community support looks like, and how people can be proactive with their financial situations.

Show Notes

0:35: MoneyBetter’s Caitlin Moore kicks off a discussion with Bill Radtke, Executive Director of Good Life Community Development, a non-profit in Lincoln, NE. Their mission is to provide proactive support and coaching for individual on the edge of poverty to experience long lasting life stability. 

4:05: "What if there was a way to help people fix the roof while the sun is still shining so they could weather any storm that comes their way?"

7:53: “I really do believe that we can eliminate poverty in a city the size of Lincoln. I think it’s possible. It’s very nuanced and would be very difficult work but I really think it’s possible. Lincoln could be a great case study for larger cities if different services work.”

9:10: Caitlin and Bill Radtke talk about pandemic changes felt all over the community, resources that were offered to support those in need, and the need for proactive planning when support services start going away.

27:06: What does Lincoln look like moving forward?

35:34: Bill Radtke gets personal with rapid-fire questions about himself and even digs into the life of your host Caitlin to find out why she does what she does at UBT.

You can reach Bill Radtke at info@goodlifecommunitydevelopment.com and learn more at www.Goodlifecommunitydevelopment.com

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