Let’s Do Launch: Starting a Business at a Young Age (Part 2)

May 27, 2021

Do you have aspirations of owning your own business? And what do you need to think about when starting a business? In part 2 of our small business series, host Caitlin Moore and guest host Patrick Reese talk with the founders of Ink Alley, friends who went into business together and are now celebrating their five-year anniversary. They talk not only about how they started their business, but also what adversity they had to overcome to grow their business. Then, Stacia Thiesen from UBT’s Small Business department walks through suggested timelines for business development and growth, and how UBT can help.

0:34: Jacob Williams and Jason Gieselman of Ink Alley talk with Caitlin and Patrick about how they started their business, what best practices they have developed, and what problems they had to overcome in the beginning. They also walk us through how their business has grown and changed, and what they did to get there.

Ink Alley: http://www.inkalleyshirts.com/ | @inkalleyshirts

27:03: In our Community Partner segment, Stacia Thiesen, UBT Small Business Banking, participates in a Q&A session with Caitlin and Patrick. Highlights include whether your personal credit affects your business, when you should get a business checking or savings account, and expected timelines to consider when starting a business.

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