Happier Spending: Tricks to Keep your Budget on Track

November 18, 2021

Featuring Caitlin Moore.

The holidays don’t have to be budget busters. Join us as Caitlin, a certified financial coach, walks us through formulating a comprehensive holiday budget (don’t forget the dinner!) and proactive spending plan that will help you minimize the stress around gift-giving. She’ll also share tips for making the most of credit card purchases and rewards. What about avoiding the headaches that can come with scams and fraud? Caitlin's got us covered there, too, discussing best practices for online safety and how alerts, travel notes, and card controls can help keep your money safe. She wraps things up with current and common types of scams to watch out for. Tune in for these and more financially-savvy tips that won’t have you in the red come 2022.

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