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Family-owned and focused on service

Our people provide banking that fits all your needs. But it’s more than that. It’s a local presence. Strong roots in the communities we serve. And long-term stability. So get to know us, and you’ll see that you belong here.

What Sets Union Bank Apart

Our people make the difference

We’re a locally owned bank that takes a personal approach to providing a breadth of services with a warm, helpful personality. Major turning points in your life — first car, first job, going to college, getting married, a new home, having children, retirement — are what we love to help you with. At UBT, people don’t have your money — your money has people.

Lauren Hartford

Caring for the Community

Supporting the communities we serve

Whether we’re planting trees in city parks or donating life-giving blood, we’re eager to roll up our sleeves and make a difference. It’s part of Union Bank’s culture — employees of all levels are empowered to be leaders in philanthropy, inspiring others to consider how any contribution of time, talent, or money can change lives.

Lincoln's Choice Awards

Lincoln's Choice Awards

To the best customers and employees, thank you

During this challenging time, it's more important than ever to help our customers any way we can. Rest assured, the people at UBT are here for you with creative solutions to help you through it. It's this caring commitment to service — from real people who really care — that has led to Union Bank being honored among the best of the best in Lincoln. We're especially grateful to have been voted as the best in these categories for nine years running:

  • Customer Service
  • Banking
  • Financial Planning
  • Work Environment

We're so thankful for our amazing customers and employees, and we'll keep working every day to provide the services and expertise that keep you moving forward, now more than ever.

Our mission: leadership, longevity, and stability.

Excellent customer service

What’s the next big (or small) thing for you, your family, or your business? We’re here to help you make it happen with products and services that are in your best interests, not ours. And it’s all backed by service from real people who really care.

Employee satisfaction

Happy employees provide a great customer experience. From salaries and benefits to time off and wellness initiatives, our work environment keeps our employees engaged, challenged, and rewarded. And it shows.


Individuals, families, small businesses, and large corporations all have unique needs and goals to accomplish. Offering a wide range of products and services — with the ability to tailor them to fit — helps us help everyone.

History of UBT
UBT through the years


The current-day Union Bank & Trust was founded as Farmer’s State Bank.

UBT in 1917


The bank’s name was changed to Union Bank.

UBt 1935


With the addition of trust powers, the name was changed to Union Bank & Trust.

UBT in 1959


Union Bank & Trust was purchased by the Dunlaps, a long-time Nebraska banking family, and its core principles and culture started to take shape.

UBT exterior

2004 – 2006

UBT moved into its new headquarters in 2004 at 70th & Pioneers Boulevard in Lincoln, Nebraska, signaling an exciting time of growth. Our growing Omaha team moved into a similar building in 2005 at 177th & West Center streets in Omaha, Nebraska, demonstrating our commitment to serving this vibrant city. Then in 2006, Union Bank made its first move outside the state of Nebraska, expanding into Bonner Springs, Kansas.

UBT today
Financial Overview

UBT has been recognized for innovative and progressive ideas, and has grown significantly during the past 15 years, both in size and diversity.

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