How to effectively stop recurring subscription fees

September 09, 2021
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“Help! I blocked my debit card, but transactions keep posting to my account!”

You diligently monitor your account, and this month, you noticed that the gym subscription you signed up for months ago is still coming out of your account — which would be great IF you were still using those services. So what do you do next?

Contacting the merchant where you set up your recurring payment would be your first and best option. They will be able to cancel your subscription/membership and remove your card number from their system to prevent future payments from posting to your account.

You can also use your routing number and checking account number to set up recurring payments instead of a debit card number. When using your routing number and checking account number, you have an additional option — stop payments — available if you needed to stop this activity in the future.

How does a stop payment work exactly? If you alert UBT to a pending or future transaction that is set up to debit your account, we can proactively place a stop payment on that transaction to ensure that your funds are not provided to the merchant. Stop payments can be placed as a one-time stop or as recurring; if recurring is selected, UBT will stop the identified transaction for up to two years. When placing a stop payment on a transaction, a service charge is applied to your account in the amount of $34. This is a one-time service charge regardless of the stop pay option you choose (one-time vs. recurring). Also, keep in mind these best practices regarding stop payments: It’s key that you have the exact amount handy, and if you can, set up the stop payment at least three days before it’s due.

Now back to your gym membership: Your first instinct leads you to utilize these Debit Card Controls to block this activity from occurring, but you notice this transaction debited your account again the following month — why is this happening, and what can you do?

Debit Card Controls are designed to assist with everyday debit card transactions or “one time” transactions. So what’s the difference between an everyday debit card transaction and a recurring one? An everyday debit card transaction may be conducted in person or online with the intent of only one payment posting. A recurring debit card transaction may also be conducted in person or online but with the intent to establish multiple payments to the same merchant, many times for the same amount. Those transactions customers have set up as recurring payments, such as subscription services, donations, and memberships, will not be impacted through using Debit Card Controls since authorization to set up the payment as recurring was previously established.

Since these are debit card transactions, you may have tried using the Freeze Card feature within the UBTgo mobile app.

Freeze Card is part of our Debit Card Controls, which provide customers with the flexibility of managing their everyday debit card spending at any time. You can use the Freeze Card (also known as Block Card) feature to turn your card off if you misplace it — and back on again once you find it. You can also set use the Set Card Limits feature to narrow down merchants, transaction types, and even a transaction limit for your debit card.

If the merchant isn’t willing to help, or you don’t have time to connect with them, or you’re afraid that your request may not be completed in time, UBT can help by closing your current debit card — it may sound scary and painful, but by closing your debit card, you can start fresh. You don’t have to worry about those recurring transactions sneaking up, and you can keep those funds from leaving your account. Plus, obtaining a new debit card is easier than ever as our branches can make a new card for you in minutes! You’ll just need to remember to swap over any necessary recurring payments to your new debit card number.

If you don’t live near a branch, that’s OK — our Customer Support Team can also have a new card mailed to you AND keep your current card open until its replacement arrives.

If you have any other questions about Debit Card Controls, don’t hesitate to connect with our Customer Support Team. Our specialists will be happy to assist you! You can contact them online or give them a call at 402.323.1777 or toll-free at 1.800.297.2837.

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