Lighten Your Load with a Mobile Wallet

December 15, 2016
Man looking at phone

Mobile wallets are becoming more widely accepted. If you’re not familiar, mobile wallets allow you to load participating Visa® debit and credit cards into your phone. These cards then can be used to pay at cash registers and in participating apps using a virtual card number. For Android Pay and Apple Pay, acceptance will depend on the retailer having Near Field Communication pin pads. Several national retailers like Walgreens, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Panera Bread already accept these types of payments (and even some local retailers have the technology). Samsung Pay users are extra lucky as the technology their devices utilize is compatible with the current magnetic swipe readers.

It may be a while until you can completely ditch your wallet, but you can certainly start to lighten up your wallet right away. These three mobile wallets allow you to add your loyalty program cards into the app. Most rewards cards use a bar code. This is captured by the app and stored to be displayed when you need to use the card. You simply scan that barcode at the point of sale.

Another space waster in your wallet is gift cards (or maybe you just leave gift cards at home and forget to redeem them altogether). Either way, your mobile wallet can help in this department as well. You can load your gift cards into your mobile wallet.

The trick is to get into the habit of using your mobile wallet first. Doing so will help you to remember the loyalty cards you have and any un-used gift cards you may have forgotten about. Happy Shopping!

Get started today by loading your Union Bank Visa Debit and Credit cards into your phone’s mobile wallet. UBT cards are compatible with Apple PayAndroid Pay and Samsung Pay.

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